Drawlloween 2017 – Day 20: Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Friday

Drawlloween 2017 Day 20 is:


I don’t know if Jekyll was spelled that way on purpose or not, but I decided to go with the usual spelling from the book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I already used up all the Friday jokes on Friday the 13th, so went with this TGIF being the antidote to Office Space’s “Bad Case of the Mondays” and it kind of goes with “The Strange Case of….”

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 19: Nightmare Nomads

Drawlloween 2017 Day 19 is:


So, nightmares, dreams, I was wanting to put noted dream theory pioneers Sigmund Freud and his protege, Karl Jung in there (since the plural of the prompt suggested more than one) and the goto antagonist for nightmare horror is, of course, Nightmare on Elm Street’s own Freddy Krueger. Making Freud into Fred was a given, but what to do with Karl? I couldn’t even think of a second nightmare character as well known. So I ended up going with Dream, or Morpheus, or The Sandman from Neil Gaiman’s celebrated comic and making the whole thing into kind of a movie poster in order to explain everything (not the sign of a good joke, when you have to spell everything out to be sure everyone gets it, I know, but …)

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 18: Crypt Creeps

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 18 is:


Having already come up with similar themes for “Return from the Dead” and “Tombsday” already this year, it was difficult to be too original with the crypt creeps prompt. I knew the obvious one would be the “Crypt-Keeper” but I tried to use the more well-known HBO puppet version of him to illustrate the original EC comic history behind the character, as host of their “Tales From The Crypt” comic, along with his fellow horror comics hosts: The Old Witch and The Vault-Keeper. The original Crypt-Keeper was pretty much just a creepy old dude with long, white hair and he seems a bit surprised to find his mummified TV incarnation pointing at him.

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 17: Toadsday

Day 17 of #Drawlloween2017 is:


…. so here’s a mashup of Futurama and Fantasyland with Hypnotoad as Mr. Frog from Disney’s version of The Wind in the Willows and the ride that still exists in Disneyland, but sadly, not in Disney World any longer.

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 16: Carnival Carnage

Drawlloween2017 day 16 is:


If you ride this, the yolks on you.

I had a hard time coming up with something for this because I feel like I used up all my “carnival” themed jokes last year on the “Mummy Monday” and “Carnival Creeps” days of Drawlloween 2016. I already made fun of the food, carnies, rides and sideshow, leaving only the games of chance, I suppose, to skewer.

Not coming up with a good idea for ring toss or stacked milk bottles, I settled for the “carnage” of the poor eggs who were undiscerning enough to get on a ride called The Scrambler (actually my favorite ride at these kinds of places).

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 15: Cornfield Capers

Drawlloween 2017 Day 15 is:


Since I already did a scary cornfield with various scary versions of iconic scarecrows last year, I went a different direction this year, kind of in keeping with what seems to be a theme of recontextualizing non-horror pop culture into a more macabre, Halloween theme. This time choosing the iconic cornfield of Kornfield Kounty, the fictional setting of TV’s long-running country-flavored answer to Laugh-in: “Hee Haw” and their cartoon mascot donkey who uttered the eponymous onomatopoeia title.

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 13: Friday the 13th

Drawlloween 2017 day 13 is:


Well, that would be the appropriate choice, of course, but also kind of specific when we all are expecting the Jason Voorhees character from the movie franchise of the same name. I wanted to honor that again this year, but how to do it a bit differently than just drawing Jason again? So, considering Friday is also my weekly deadline for the local cartoon for the local alt-weekly paper, I had to do a less work-intensive version of this puntastic mashup of Dragnet star, Jack Webb as main character of few words, JOE FRIDAY, of the 13th precinct (or badge number 13, or something to make it work) as the man behind the hockey mask with a twist on his iconic line, “just the facts, ma’am.”

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 12: Ah! Reel Monsters!

Drawlloween 2017 Day 12 is:


Acknowledging the pun, but still taking it literally, I used the characters from Nickelodeon’s “Aaahh! Real Monsters!” 90s cartoon and portrayed them as the classic Universal movie “reel” monsters from the movies Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman and The Creature from the Black Lagoon.


Drawlloween 2017 – Day 11: Swamp Citizens

Drawlloween 2017: Day 11 is:


Since I don’t like to repeat either styles or characters too much in these challenges, I was hesitant to do another Berni Wrightson Swamp Thing homage, but since I only did his style on Day 1 this year, and I did Swamp Thing in only a Harvey Comics style for the “Slimy Swamps and Foggy Bogs” prompt last year, I felt it was okay to repeat both Swamp Thing and the Wrightson art for this. (Besides, I love Swamp Thing.)

Here is is with the other “swamp” citizens: Marvel’s Man-Thing, Walt Kelly’s Pogo and Star Wars’ Yoda. Upon reflection, I could have added more swamp people, like Kermit the Frog, Gollum and Shrek, but didn’t have room or time.

I liked the stark contrast of just the black and white inks, but then I had to add color to make all the characters stand out better.