One thought on “MTN X toon for this week

  1. Hey, my name is Mike and I hail from America’s high five, Michigan. I am leading a 150 mile ride this sumemr, with about 5-10 cyclists, across the mitten and when I googled, cycling 150 miles in a day, your blog was the top result. To the point, I was wondering if you could share some basic training and ride plans that you use when you are gearing up for a 1.5 century. I am bringing a couple people who haven’t ever cycled long distance. We are beginning to train in May, and so I am just gathering info from all around the web to help step them up in distance in reasonable steps. This will also be the further I’ve ever ridden in one day. So any input/leads to sites where you have found good info would be awesome.Good luck this year on the ride to the beach.-Mike

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