#caricatureresolution2017 day 16: Emma Stone

Another day, another actor, another comic book character to try to link them to. Emma Stone played the blonde girlfriend of Peter Parker in the next to most recent Spiderman movie franchise, Gwen Stacy. Strange, because she is a natural redhead and yet the people who did the next to next most recent Spider-man set of movies picked a natural blonde (Kirsten Dunst) to play redhead girlfriend of Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson!

Anyway, I digress. I kept her natural locks, but put her in the famous Gwen Stacy outfit she wears when (spoiler alert!) the Green Goblin kills her. I tried more extreme exaggeration on her, and I think it still looks like her, but oftentimes my sketches get a better resemblance the the final, color versions do. Not sure why.

Emma Stone sketch

Emma Stone final

Emma Stone alternate

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