Totally Awesome Haul

Sure, I know what you are thinking, “this haul is not totally awesome. It’s not even partially awesome!” Well, that’s where you would be wrong, my friends.

  • Hasbro Toy Store sent me this Hydra variant for free plus shipping after I used the $10 off coupon they sent me in December that was set to expire this month.

  • THEN at Big Lots I found Justice League Unlimited Teddy Grahams for half price!! I mean it’s Justice League and it’s not even limited!! Plus Wonder Woman flavored Teddy Grahams!!! Come one, that’s gotta be awesome, right there.
  • Then to top it all off, thx3188, a fellow Fwoosher possessing a selfless generosity, the like of which I have not been fortunate enough to countenance since Price Nomore (who mailed me FOC the Giant Man piece I was missing by never finding a Thor), freely mailed me the last piece of Ronan I have been in desperate (but not desperate enough to buy a Silver Surfer figure) need of, lo these many moons! This saint of a person would not even accept monetary reimbursement for the postage. Both I and Ronan thank you.

Because of these things, I pronounce this haul, totally awesome!totally awesom Feb. 11, 2008 haul This dramatic re-enactment of how Ronan’s life has been affected is offered as proof and gratitude:How Ronan got his leg back 

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