Drawlloween 2016 Day 5: Better Gnomes and Goblins

Having upped the ante by making myself combine two days when they share a spread in the sketchbook, I’m glad Drawlloween upped the ante also, by coming up with some punny and more elaborate categories this year. Since the prompt is meant to sound like the “Better Homes & Gardens” magazine title, I opted to have Goblin-Gnome hybrids tending to their bumper crop of tentacles left over from Tentacle Tuesday yesterday.

"Better Gnomes & Goblins" ink. Click to Enlarge

“Better Gnomes & Goblins” ink. Click to Enlarge

Here they are on their own page in ink only:

"Tentacle Tuesday" and "Better Gnomes & Goblins" in color. Click to Enlarge

“Tentacle Tuesday” and “Better Gnomes & Goblins” in color. Click to Enlarge

… and here they are sharing the spread with the previous day and scanned in and digitally colored to get that storybook feel they deserve (well, it’s a really creepy story book, where farming tentacles serves some function..)

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