Drawlloween 2016: Days 14 and 15



I drew Dorothy Gale happening upon a row of scarecrows in the corn field. One from the MGM musical, one from Batman, another from the books, and the rest just in shadows.

On the opposite page of the sketchbook for Day 15, I extended the cornfield to surround a drive-in movie theater that is currently under attack form some sort of giant reptile, the likes of which would probably be playing on the screen.

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Drawlloween 2016: Day 13

Day 13 is of course: THURSDAY THE 13TH

I almost phoned in another one today, but spent a little more time on it than the copout yesterday.

I figure Jason Voorhees must feel like he has the day off when the 13th is on day other than Friday, so he probably stays home eating popcorn and watching shows that come on Thursday nights, like…..

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Drawlloween 2016: Day 12


Okay, I know nobody reads this blog, but I also have been posting on Instagram, Twitter and two Facebook pages. Yesterday’s post represented a lot of work creating, drawing, inking and coloring, but after posting with all the pertinent hashtags, the consensus of the viewing public seems to be: “Meh.” So, considering I have other things to do, and I’m only working on these for “likes” instead of pay and yet still I’m underpaid, I decided to just phone it in today.

Tomorrow may be even less effort, let’s see how I feel.

Fuck all you assholes!

Fuck all you assholes!

Drawlloween 2016: Day 11


In order to connect to yesterday’s drawing, I continued the theme of a DC Comics and Harvey Comics mashup, turning Richie Rich into John Constantine and Casper the friendly Ghost into Deadman Boston Brand. The main character for the swampy bog is, of course Swamp Thing (body based on Little Lotta) and the DC occult stars start to bleed over into Hot Stuff/Demon territory in the two-page spread version.

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Drawlloween 2016: Day 9

Days 8 and 9 of Drawlloween 2016 are: “Eight Legs, One Thousand Eggs” and “He’s a Dummy, Doll.”

Trying to connect these two really specific prompts was a bit tricky. I decided to go with a “Charlotte’s Web” theme on the first, with all of Charlotte’s spider babies hatching out of the egg (I think spiders lay only one big egg sack, so I don’t know how accurate the “thousand eggs” bit is, but to be fair, they prompt never mentioned spiders) and webbing up poor Wilbur the pig.

If you wondered why Wilbur looks like Hamm, the piggy bank from “Toy Story”, then you would be informed of the reason when I added the other characters from that Pixar/Disney movie: Jessie and Woody, the western dolls. On day 9, they show up discovering a ventriloquist’s dummy who happens to be Edgar Bergen’s famous “Mortimer Snerd” character. Thus, the assigned phrase coming from Woody to Jessie now makes sense, and so does the fact that Hamm is the terrific pig that Charlotte wrote about in her web.

Here they are combined in ink in the sketchbook, and then scanned in and colored digitally.

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Drawlloween 2016 Day 7: What Lies in the MIST

In an attempt to comically combine the two days’ drawings, I opted to take the prompt “What Lies in the Mist” literally. Therefore, the hook that Archie and Veronica found dangling from their car door yesterday, we see today belonged to an unfortunate trick or treater dressed up as a pirate and for some reason walking along the deserted rural highway.

"What Lies in the Mist" inks. Click to Enlarge.

“What Lies in the Mist” inks. Click to Enlarge.

I was apprehensive about joking around about a kid getting killed while trick or treating, but other than the equally-potentially-offensive idea of having the hook turn out to be yanked from an amputee by the road with a sign asking for help to buy a new prosthesis, it was the only way I could think to have a surprise ending that was not the expected one of the hook hand killer.

Just to assure anyone who is upset by it, the kid is okay! He was just stunned and was taken to be checked out and was back home eating his slightly run over Halloween candy that night!

Drawlloween 2016 Day 6: Urban Legends

So many urban legends to pick from, but I chose the notorious campfire story about the bookman and the couple on Lover’s Lane.

The whole story seems kind of 50s to me, so I put a classic 50s car in the drawing and populated it with a couple that seems to resemble 50s comics characters Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge. It seems they have narrowly escaped the hook-hand killer, but have they? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s thrilling conclusion!

"Urban Legends" inks. Click to Enlarge.

“Urban Legends” inks. Click to Enlarge.