Drawlloween 2017 – Day 31: Trick R Treat

Drawlloweeen 2017 – Day 31 is:


So another Drawlloween has come to an end. Each year I start and after the first couple of drawings get overwhelmed by the many more that are ahead and wonder if I will actually be able to do it, or just give up, since no one is really watching or counting. Maybe I will skip a day if I can’t come up with something or just don’t feel like it. But I actually did it again, and it didn’t even feel like a daily chore I had to get through, I actually looked forward to it. So much so, that I would up getting the next day’s drawing done a day ahead of time because I was so into it and couldn’t put it down until the wee hours of the morning. That’s why I ended up posting them on Instagram right at midnight, since most of the time, there were already done by then!

Today’s prompt was generic in order to give everyone a wild card to do whatever they wanted, but since I’ve been pretty literal about all of the days so far, I went ahead and tried to interpret this one as being like the “Toys R Us” toy chain logo with their giraffe mascot, Geoffrey. I ended up making it a giraffe skeleton and the logo jack-o-lantern orange with a skull instead of a star in the capital R. Pretty simple and not as involved as the others, but hey, I was tired and giving me too much freedom results in me being lazy, which is the entire point of this thing for me.

In any normal month, I would not be drawing anything for the fun of it, and this daily challenge is just what I need to get me to muster the same amount of diligence to create work for my own portfolio that I would give to a paying client I know is expecting something at a certain time. Now I have 31 little pieces of art I normally would never have had. Sure… much like these blog posts, practically no one saw them, or gave a flying phantom about them if they did, but the visceral social media reward of “likes” was only secondary in creating the impetus to get these done every day. So, even though I am aware I am talking only to myself here, I want to thank those who took the ride with me and those who created the ride to begin with. That’s it for another year. I may do the Caricature Resolution challenge in January too again, so there’s always to to look forward to, or away from, depending on who you are. Happy Halloween!


Drawlloween 2017 – Day 30: Cauldron Crones

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 30 is:


The penultimate day of Drawlloween brings us a prompt of wizened old witches tending to their malevolent brew. Keeping with the contrary way I’ve been going with these prompts, I went for the opposite of crones, and found three comely cauldron keepers of animated fame. First, from Archie comics, Sabrina the Teenage Witch in her classic 60s look and hairstyle. She’s been reimagined plenty of times for modern audiences, including a more serious, ominous take in her recent graphic novel and in Afterlife with Archie in which she inadvertently causes a zombie holocaust in Riverdale by bringing Jughead’s beloved dog back to life, so making her a bit evil here is no longer that big a reach.

Next is the “sexy” version of Witch Hazel from the 1955 Looney Tunes animated short by Chuck Jones, “Broomstick Bunny” in which Bugs Bunny turns the tables on usually crone-like Witch Hazel by hitting her with the “pretty” formula she meant for him, or at least his disguised self as a young witch. She is then sexually harassed by the magic mirror genie and the short ends with him in pursuit. Hey, it was the 50s.

The last pretty witch is also animated, to keep with the theme, so no “only bad witches are ugly” Glinda the Good Witch here. It is, however, another live action witch, Samantha Stevens from the 60s-70s TV sitcom, “Bewitched.” Shown here in the animated version that opens and closes the show.

I tried to take the three different cartoon styles and make them appear similar enough to not seem to go together by giving them all the same dress, but letting them keep their individual style in other ways.

One more day to go!

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 29: Sunday Bloody Sunday

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 29 is:


Other than making light of a serious U2 song, the only other idea I had for this was to think of a couple of the bloodiest scenes from horror movies and marry them together in a kind of red wedding.

So here is what would happen is Stephen King’s stories all took place in the same universe, and Carrie While had gone back to her hotel room at the Overlook Hotel after that disastrous prom incident, in order to get clean, or so she thinks…

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 28: Ghouls Rush In

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 28 is:


Other great pun prompt, but I was just not in the mood to draw some generic “ghoul” and so I went to the original term origin in Arabic, which was “ghul”. That reminded me that the DC Comics villain, Ra’s Al Ghul was named for the Arabic term translated to “the demon’s head” and so I decided to do a comics drawing (hey, I think I’ve held off on those a lot this year, compared to previous years) of all the Al Ghul family, rushing in to some clandestine dungeon room in the League of Shadows clubhouse. Here they are, daughters and father: Nyssa, Ra’s and Talia Al Ghul.

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 26: I know a sarcophoguy

Drawlloween2017, Day 26 is:


Today’s punny prompt struck me as the kind of like a 60s screwball comedy about a harried account executive #mummy with a #sarcophagus or two, and I also wanted to mix up my increasingly predictable art style to something new, so here’s a Saul Bass inspired design for the movie poster of just such a non-existent film. (I chose to go with the traditional spelling of “sarcophagus” with the “Sarcophaguy” pun, though.)


Drawlloween 2017 – Day 25: Do as I say, not as I VOODOO

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 25 is:


Wanting to keep the theme from yesterday, both visually and thematically, I took some liberties with the Voodoo priest, “Baron Samedi” from Roger Moore’s first James Bond 007 movie, “Live and Let Die” and made him a “Baroness Samedi” in order to have the similarity of the magic woman in the background and male subject of the spell in the front (as in yesterday’s Zatanna vs. Jonah Hex) and also have the conversational prompt of the day expressed as dialog in a word balloon. Now they make nice bookends.

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 24: Aw, Hex

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 24 is:


Going as literal as possible, once again, I immediately thought of DC Comics’ own weird western star, Jonah Hex. However, to keep the Halloween witchcraft theme that was surely intended, I added an appropriate DC occult character to be hexing him. In this case, Zatanna and her backwards speaking magic and also in one of her slightly less objectifying outfits in keeping with the seriousness of this event.

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 23: Sewer Setllers

Drawlloween 2017, Day 23 is:


Even though I know most of these 31 prompts are titled the way they are merely for alliterative purposes, I am going to take them literally for the most part, unless I have a better idea. In today’s case, I did not. It’s not a very exciting one, but I’m getting a little worn down from the daily grind, so here are two hardy cockroach pioneers bravely taking their covered wagon of goods across the sewer lands, driven by their two rat livestock.

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 22: Ghast Christmas

Drowlloween 2017, Day 22 is:


Another seemingly easy one, but once you consider how many times “evil” versions of Christmas imagery has been done already, it doesn’t leave at lot, actually. Also, I wasn’t aware of the “Ghast” being a creature that exists in Lovecraft, D&D, Minecraft and even DC Comics (shameful, I know..)

Therefore, I went literal with the pun (as I saw it) on the 1986 Wham hit, “Last Christmas”, especially since the lyrics to the chorus are ready-made for horrific imagery if you take them literally.

“Ghast Christmas” by Brent Brown. Created in MediBang Paint app on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.