Drawlloween 2015: Days 20 and 21

Day 20 is: SKULL

Day 21 is: 8-BIT ZOMBIE

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Thinking ahead about how to link these two prompts, I made the “SKULL” belong to Pac Man and had the grieving Ms. Pac Man identify said skull, as well as the rest of the classic arcade game character’s skeleton at the morgue, helped by a Pac Policeman.

This seemed okay in black and white, but then next day was 8-Bit Zombie and that really cried out for some color. The irony is, I drew the “pixels” out by hand in the sketchbook (making a grid out of light pencil lines) and did the color digitally on the computer. The now-dated 8-bit look of classic video games gives us a pixelated zombie that had just bitten Pac-Man, giving us a flashback to how he came to be dead in the morgue the day before.

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