Drawlloween 2017 – Day 21: Cadaverous Cowboys

Drawlloween 2017, Day 21 is:


How could I draw anyone for this but the increasingly cadaverous-looking, but still cool, Clint Eastwood in the Man with No Body role?

“Cadaverous Cowboys” by Brent Brown ©2017 – Brent Brown low res version


Drawlloween 2015: Days 20 and 21

Day 20 is: SKULL

Day 21 is: 8-BIT ZOMBIE

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Thinking ahead about how to link these two prompts, I made the “SKULL” belong to Pac Man and had the grieving Ms. Pac Man identify said skull, as well as the rest of the classic arcade game character’s skeleton at the morgue, helped by a Pac Policeman.

This seemed okay in black and white, but then next day was 8-Bit Zombie and that really cried out for some color. The irony is, I drew the “pixels” out by hand in the sketchbook (making a grid out of light pencil lines) and did the color digitally on the computer. The now-dated 8-bit look of classic video games gives us a pixelated zombie that had just bitten Pac-Man, giving us a flashback to how he came to be dead in the morgue the day before.

Drawlloween 2015: Day 8

Day 8 is:


Zombies are pretty played out at this point, much as I love them. So trying to find a new way to draw one, I played my “Old Man card” and did this one implying that those raise-frassin’ “kids today” are just staring at their gol’ darn phone devices all durned day, like a bunch of… well you get the picture. Not that I don’t have my iPad in front of me when watching TV at home, even during zombie movies…

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Missed Conceptions: Part III

Ideally, a good local cartoon can cover several themes at once. In this case, I thought I had come up with a good way to cover something both topical and fun to draw (the upcoming annual Asheville “Zombiewalk” and the ongoing complaints of downtown panhandlers.

The Zombiewalk, which reached its zenith locally on 10/10/10, had now been relegated to an ordered pub crawl rather than the former large-scale (and apparently unwelcome) city-wide parade through the streets that said city leaders put an end to by way of imposing an unreasonably expensive permit fee upon the walk organizers, forcing them to downscale to a walk the previous year held at a “dead” mall on the outskirts of town, and this particular year within the confines of various downtown drinking establishments.

Combining this sight with the often-complainted-about gauntlet of downtown panhandlers (of which I had just read several gripes in the comments at the bottom of many online newspaper stories regarding downtown) that many have to pass by, seemed to me to be a pretty good joke. Especially since “braiiiiins” sounds so much like “chaaaaange” amongst the other similarities of hapless pedestrians being the recipients of the unwanted attention of large groups wanting something from them.

The cartoon ran as follows:

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Zombies printed in Mountain Xpress circa 10/16/2012

About nine days later, the following article shows up on the Mountain Xpress site:

“Dignity and respect” parade for homeless planned for Oct. 26

Members of the Asheville Homeless Network plan a parade to “promote dignity and respect for the homeless,” tomorrow, Oct. 26 at 2 p.m.

 By Bill Rhodes on 10/25/2012 11:47 AM 
The event starts with a rally at Pritchard Park and a walk to City Hall, says organizer Raven Al’Rashid. She notes the hope of making “a more public voice for the issues of the homeless and homelessness here in Asheville.”
Al-Rashid explains that a recent cartoon in Xpress by Brent Brown was a particular concern to the group. “It is hard enough out on the street without people thinking you are monsters,” she says.In the cartoon, Brown compared homeless people to the Zombie pub crawl held downtown. “We are not monsters, and we invite Mr. Brown to join the parade and educate himself on the real issues,” said Al’Rashid.”Another of the parades’ organizers, Noah Harbin points out “Yes, homelessness is a problem. Homeless people are not the problem, only the symptom.”

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So here we go with the homeless advocates complaining about a cartoon again. Even though I have done many cartoons in the past that are sympathetic to the plight of the homeless and even though this cartoon is specifically addressing panhandlers, not homeless people (not every panhandler is homeless and not all homeless are panhandlers, maybe some people should look at the type of broad generalizations they themselves employ). Also, the “monsters” in the comic are people pretending to be zombies, no one in the comic or real life thinks they are actual monsters.

As a reflection of how different groups can see the same cartoon, the folks over at Ashtoberfest, who sponsor the Zombiewalk, were apparently unaware of the cartoon’s role as a malevolent attack on human dignity and saw it as (gasp!) a funny cartoon!