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In today’s news:

  • I¬†added this WordPress blog to my site because my host (Dreamhost), had an “easy install” of it and that’s why it looks so plain, the “advanced install” was the only option that allowed you to customize the look.
  • I actually remembered to bring my camera AND I remembered to USE it while doing caricatures in Asheville last night. So I updated the caricature photos page of my website (and by updated, I mean actually created one) and you can see it here. If I can remember as well, and have time, in the future, I will try to have one up for other caricature gigs at which I draw.3) After following a link mentioned in (fellow caricaturist) Brian Vasilik’s webblog to Toon Weekly, I found the whole idea of being forced to be creative on a weekly basis more of a productive idea than a tedious one (which I would certainly have thought my initial reaction would be, since I am quite lazy) and I jumped right in on their last week’s challenge to create a new Dick Tracy villain (see my entry below:)

  • My villain creation,

  • ..as well as doing a few roughs for their current week’s challenge to redesign a character from the Wizard of Oz. I was going to go with darker versions of the Wicked Witch of the West and then the Munchkins, but decided to settle on a Howard Hughes version of the Wizard himself

  • Wicked Witch redesign rough

  • Pervy Munchkins redesign rough

  • Recluse Wizard redesign rough
  • Recluse Wizard redesign final

  • 4) It’s Wednesday, so that means that if it’s the other Wednesday and not the one where my cartoon is not in the Mountain Xpress print version, then it must be the week that it is in there. Since they don’t put it on their web site as well, I will continue to update the current cartoon here (and on my Mountain Xpress cartoons page) for posterity and for those that can’t get out to pick up an issue:

  • Mountain Xpress cartoon by Brent Brown week of Feb. 27, 2008

  • That’s it for this update and initial entry.
  • Stay tooned.