Drawlloween 2017- Day 2: Summon Day

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 2 is:


Okay, so combining “Summon” with “Monday” is a nice pun, but kind of vague as to what I should draw… Well, I seem to always go for the joke, when possible, so how about a witch/sorceress/magicwoman summoning up a spirit and the presenting him with a summons (to appear in court)?

I was going to make the summoner a wizened old sorcerer, but changing it to a angry-looking lady adds some layers of conjecture to this illustration. (Is she conjuring up her dead husband so she can sue him for divorce? Did an old boyfriend die owing her money? Is she a really determined court processor who uses her magic spell “Considered Yourself SERVED!” to do her job better than anyone else? Who knows?

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