Drawlloween 2017- Day 2: Summon Day

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 2 is:


Okay, so combining “Summon” with “Monday” is a nice pun, but kind of vague as to what I should draw… Well, I seem to always go for the joke, when possible, so how about a witch/sorceress/magicwoman summoning up a spirit and the presenting him with a summons (to appear in court)?

I was going to make the summoner a wizened old sorcerer, but changing it to a angry-looking lady adds some layers of conjecture to this illustration. (Is she conjuring up her dead husband so she can sue him for divorce? Did an old boyfriend die owing her money? Is she a really determined court processor who uses her magic spell “Considered Yourself SERVED!” to do her job better than anyone else? Who knows?

I’m Doin’ Drawlloween 2015!

I need to get back to drawing by hand and using ink and using my sketchbooks and I love to draw creepy stuff and Halloween is my favorite holiday and so this all culminates into me using the #drawlloween social media prompt to make me DO all this stuff!. Here is the calendar I will be following (there seems to be more than one, but I’m picking this one and sticking to it).


I will post a new one each day on my Facebook, Twitter, InstagramDeviant Art, and maybe Tumbler pages too, but I’m also going to go back in time and put them here too, next year, to make it look like I actually updated this blog on a regular basis before 2016!

Here is Day 1: GHOST


2012 Mountain Xpress Halloween Art

The local alt-weekly paper in Asheville, NC that I draw a weekly cartoon for asked me to draw a humorous Halloween and Election cover for the issue that would fall on the week of both those events.

I gave them some roughs and thumbnails and sketches for some classic monsters (Dracula, Mummy, Invisible Man, Frankenstein’s monster, wolf man, etc.) and, on a different tack, maybe a jack-o-lantern and a ballot box?

mxmonstervotecvr mxmonstrcvrzenbrush mxhecvr2scan mxhecvr1scan mxhecvr3scan mxhecvr3 mxhecvr1 mxhecvr2

We ended up doing some of them voting in different, yet appropriate ways:

The invisible man is voting, of course, absentee ballot and a ghost voting reinforces the often-cited claim that dead people are voting in our elections, incurring the wrath of an angry, 17th century voter fraud mob. Dracula and his vampire fangs prefer punch ballots and Frankenstein’s creature doesn’t know his own strength when even using a tombstone touch screen ballot.

2012 Halloween cover for Mountain Xpress by Brent Brown

2012 Halloween cover for Mountain Xpress by Brent Brown

They liked the Republican elephant Frankenstein monster and the Democratic donkey Dracula, so I ended up drawing both of those for inside illustrations:

democratula republistein mxhalloweenissuebb

Finally, the weekly cartoon I also have to draw was a Halloween-Election theme too: