Drawlloween 2015: Days 30 and 31

Day 30: SPIDER

Day 31: DRAGON

I couldn’t help but keep the comic book character theme going until the last day. Spider, of course, made me do Spider-man, and he is fighting on the next page, Iron Man villain, Fin Fang Foom! for the dragon.

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That was an enjoyable exercise that, though tedious at times, kept me drawing for a full month and produced some good work. I will likely try to do it again next year!

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Drawlloween 2015: Day 3

The Day 3 prompt of “Goblin” had me trying to decide which kind and since I couldn’t pick either Spiderman’s nemesis,┬áThe Green Goblin or the officious Goblins who run the Gringott’s Bank in Harry Potter land, I decided to combine them in what I hoped was an original idea, but of course, I saw at least one or two others with the same idea.

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