Final Day (31) of Caricature Resolution

So here we are at the end times… I mean.. the final days.. I mean the last day of the “one caricature a day challenge” called Caricature Resolution 2017.

Anthony Hopkins was the designated subject and I worked on and then overworked this one of him in his current “Westworld” role as I seem to do too often. Once again, trying to exaggerate did not work for me. I tried making the eyes small, the forehead and nose large, and somehow, when the resemblance wasn’t there, kept changing things and proportions until I was practically back to the damned original proportions to being with, only I had still changed things enough that there was still no resemblance (I think this now looks more like BIlly Graham than Anthony Hopkins!!) but as a bonus there was also NO exaggeration! Double fail!!

At least this challenge has taught me that I have a long way to go if I want to move past “Party Caricature” type of barely-exaggerated styles and seeing all the entries from artist who do know how to do it is very helpful, if disheartening. Even seeing the few that were just awful and looked like third-grade children drew them were not helpful to my ego when they still got more of the precious “likes” that are the only payment we get for all this work than the consistently few I always got (from the kindhearted people who make sure to like ALL the entries just to be encouraging.)

So there you have it 31 caricatures of celebrities that I would otherwise never had done, some more successful than others. This is the reason I like these things. I also kept a disciplined daily routine of updating this blog, which also usually would never happen. Never mind the fact that it may as well just be a personal diary, seeing as how no one is reading or knows that it exists, at least introducing that kind of regimented daily productivity builds character, or so I’m told.