#caricatureresolution2017 Day 26: Mark Wahlberg

Day 26 and I’m still keeping my resolution! With the day’s assignment of the unremarkably-featured (wow, this guy doesn’t give you much to work with in terms of facial features to grab onto and exaggerate) former Mark Mark, Mark Wahlberg.

Here he is on the beach, after skipping a lot of leg days:

Cartoon with background added.

Here is the first rough sketch. I couldn’t get much of a handle on his face. I decided to do him in the similarly cartoon style I did the previous two caricatures of this challenge, Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Preliminary sketch of Wahlberg.

Final color cartoon.

Finally, since they are all similarly stylized and all muscle dudes, why not try to put them together for a new Cartoon Network super squad?

Collage of Diesel, Johnson and Wahlberg cartoons.

#caricatureresolution2017 day 24: Vin Diesel

I’m switching to a cartoon style for the next few, just to force myself to keep it simple, even if the exaggeration doesn’t go very far, face-wise, anyway.

I’ll combine them all in a group shot on day 26, but for now, here’s Vincent Diesel in front of some kind of action movie explosion that he is probably in front of in something.