Happy Veteran’s Day

Here is an art/military connected post. My two designs for a commemorative T-shirt for the class at Navy “A” school for the HM (Hospital Corpsmen) rating (job). It was at Naval Hospital Corps School in Great Lakes, IL (NCHS) in 1987.

I don’t remember exactly how we ended up with two of them, I think I did one and it was put on a sweatshirt, but I don’t know why that happened either, since it was summer the whole three months we were there after boot camp. The second design, we put on a black T-shirt, so I think we just had enough interest in chipping in for the printing to do a second one.

In any case, I got them out of storage and since they were barely ever worn, they still look pretty good for nearly three decades in age:


Now that the Navy is doing away with ratings, I suppose this will be a relic even more than it’s 29 years makes it already,