Drawlloween 2017 – Day 11: Swamp Citizens

Drawlloween 2017: Day 11 is:


Since I don’t like to repeat either styles or characters too much in these challenges, I was hesitant to do another Berni Wrightson Swamp Thing homage, but since I only did his style on Day 1 this year, and I did Swamp Thing in only a Harvey Comics style for the “Slimy Swamps and Foggy Bogs” prompt last year, I felt it was okay to repeat both Swamp Thing and the Wrightson art for this. (Besides, I love Swamp Thing.)

Here is is with the other “swamp” citizens: Marvel’s Man-Thing, Walt Kelly’s Pogo and Star Wars’ Yoda. Upon reflection, I could have added more swamp people, like Kermit the Frog, Gollum and Shrek, but didn’t have room or time.

I liked the stark contrast of just the black and white inks, but then I had to add color to make all the characters stand out better.



DRAWLLOWEEN 2017 – Day 7: Cobweb Crawlers

DRAWLLOWEEN 2017 , Day 7 is:


The suggestion of spiders was a given, but I wanted a twist on top, that was not just the usual scary spider in a web. Coming up with another meaning for crawler, kind of stumped me in terms of a comedic twist, but I ended up stretching the term to include what is known as a “news crawl” (that sideways scrolling text below the news anchors) and that led to a plethora of spider-news puns.

Drawlloween 2017- Day 2: Summon Day

Drawlloween 2017 – Day 2 is:


Okay, so combining “Summon” with “Monday” is a nice pun, but kind of vague as to what I should draw… Well, I seem to always go for the joke, when possible, so how about a witch/sorceress/magicwoman summoning up a spirit and the presenting him with a summons (to appear in court)?

I was going to make the summoner a wizened old sorcerer, but changing it to a angry-looking lady adds some layers of conjecture to this illustration. (Is she conjuring up her dead husband so she can sue him for divorce? Did an old boyfriend die owing her money? Is she a really determined court processor who uses her magic spell “Considered Yourself SERVED!” to do her job better than anyone else? Who knows?

Drawlloween 2016: Days 28 and 29

Day 28 calls for: GHOSTS A GO GO

Day 29 specifies: BLACK CATURDAY

The go-go dancers implied in this prompt necessitated some early 60s dance moves and surroundings for the spirits.

To complete the crossover in the sketchbook spread, I decided on “cat” as a slang term for a cool dude from the following decade and drew the cat in the finest 70s blaxploitation environment I could mange quickly on a Saturday afternoon. Groovy and Solid!

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