Drawlloween 2017 – Day 15: Cornfield Capers

Drawlloween 2017 Day 15 is:


Since I already did a scary cornfield with various scary versions of iconic scarecrows last year, I went a different direction this year, kind of in keeping with what seems to be a theme of recontextualizing non-horror pop culture into a more macabre, Halloween theme. This time choosing the iconic cornfield of Kornfield Kounty, the fictional setting of TV’s long-running country-flavored answer to Laugh-in: “Hee Haw” and their cartoon mascot donkey who uttered the eponymous onomatopoeia title.

Drawlloween 2015: Days 16 and 17

Day 16: GRAVE and Day 17: DEMON

Wanting to stick with my DC Comics theme for a few more days, I started out with this empty GRAVE on day 15 and had ETRIGAN the DEMON emerging from it on the next page, the next day. (Adding the incantation to bring Etrigan about to the grave marker and finishing it rip the next day from the demon’s lips.)

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