Drawlloween 2017 – Day 26: I know a sarcophoguy

Drawlloween2017, Day 26 is:


Today’s punny prompt struck me as the kind of like a 60s screwball comedy about a harried account executive #mummy with a #sarcophagus or two, and I also wanted to mix up my increasingly predictable art style to something new, so here’s a Saul Bass inspired design for the movie poster of just such a non-existent film. (I chose to go with the traditional spelling of “sarcophagus” with the “Sarcophaguy” pun, though.)


Drawlloween 2016 Day 3: Mummy Monday

Day three of Drawlloween.

Today is MUMMY MONDAY and I added a mummy exhibit to the carnival sideshow and had the poor, embalmed fellow getting his wrappings tangled in one of the carny’s poorly-maintained rides that is going off the rails. The poor fellow was just trying to get some popcorn. Here is the original black and white inks in the sketchbook:

click to make larger

click to make larger

"Carnival Creeps" and "Mummy Monday" ink. Click for larger image.

“Carnival Creeps” and “Mummy Monday” ink. Click for larger image.

This really cried out for some color. Here is the scanned in image with color added in Photoshop:

"Carnival Creeps" and "Mummy Monday" in color. Click for larger image.

“Carnival Creeps” and “Mummy Monday” in color. Click for larger image.