Caricature Resolution 2017

Even though I hate to add yet another nagging, daily chore to my routine, I can’t help but appreciate the results of joining a daily exercise regimen (for both body and portfolio) such as the “Drawlloween” art challenges I have done the past two years.

Now (a week late) I find out there is a similar challenge just for caricature artists, called Caricature Resolution. I will let the text from the group Facebook page explain it:

January 2017: one caricature a day!! Caricature artist Patrick Martinez was really inspired during #Inktober with the concept of doing a drawing a day for a whole month. It got him thinking why not do it with caricature? So here it is #Caricatureresolution2017

In the month of January we will attempt to draw a caricature a day! We encourage others to join and participate at your own risk! Patrick had a lot of fun making this list, each actor was in a movie with the previous listed (except for the last three).

As I said, I was a week late hearing about, and deciding to join the challenge, so I had to do some catching up and decided the best way was to use the same sketchbook I use for Drawlloween. Since the listed celebrities had movie roles in common, I put all the Batman villains on one side and all the Pulp Fiction actors on the other (though Uma could fit into either one.)

Tomorrow I will start on the daily caricatures. I could use the practice, because my normal “party” caricature style is purposely not very exaggerated or mean (for obvious reason, if I want to get paid) but this is an opportunity to not only practice better caricatures in terms of exaggeration (which, really, a “caricature” should be, not just a cartoon portrait, but also in terms of keeping the resemblance, something harder to do, the more exaggeration you put in. At least, it’s seems harder to me.

days 1-3

Days 4-6

So let the month of caricatures (a week late) begin!

Drawlloween 2016: Days 30 and 31

Good news to all those out there who don’t like Halloween or art or Halloween art or just my particular Halloween art in general…. You don’t have to ignore these any more because today is the last day of Drawlloween 2016 in Inktober!!


Day 31 is: TRICK ‘R’ TREAT!


I really couldn’t come up with a good angle for these two, so I just drew whatever and inked it in. It’s a jack-o-lantern with some of what I imaged skulls and skeletons of pumpkins might look like if gourds had endoskeletal structures.

If I decide to do it next year I will be back, if not, you’re welcome.

Drawlloween 2016: Days 28 and 29

Day 28 calls for: GHOSTS A GO GO

Day 29 specifies: BLACK CATURDAY

The go-go dancers implied in this prompt necessitated some early 60s dance moves and surroundings for the spirits.

To complete the crossover in the sketchbook spread, I decided on “cat” as a slang term for a cool dude from the following decade and drew the cat in the finest 70s blaxploitation environment I could mange quickly on a Saturday afternoon. Groovy and Solid!

click this sucker!

click this sucker!

Drawlloween 2016: Day 9

Days 8 and 9 of Drawlloween 2016 are: “Eight¬†Legs, One Thousand Eggs” and “He’s a Dummy, Doll.”

Trying to connect these two really specific prompts was a bit tricky. I decided to go with a “Charlotte’s Web” theme on the first, with all of Charlotte’s spider babies hatching out of the egg (I think spiders lay only one big egg sack, so I don’t know how accurate the “thousand eggs” bit is, but to be fair, they prompt never mentioned spiders) and webbing up poor Wilbur the pig.

If you wondered why Wilbur looks like Hamm, the piggy bank from “Toy Story”, then you would be informed of the reason when I added the other characters from that Pixar/Disney movie: Jessie and Woody, the western dolls. On day 9, they show up discovering a ventriloquist’s dummy who happens to be Edgar Bergen’s famous “Mortimer Snerd” character. Thus, the assigned phrase coming from Woody to Jessie now makes sense, and so does the fact that Hamm is the terrific pig that Charlotte wrote about in her web.

Here they are combined in ink in the sketchbook, and then scanned in and colored digitally.

click photo for larger view

click photo for larger view

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Drawlloween 2015: Days 24 and 25


Day 25: MUMMY

These two prompts seemed made for each other (to me, at least) as both are antagonists from 80s cartoons. SKELETOR from “Masters of the Universe” was thwarted by He-Man almost as often as MUMM-RA was by his nemeses, the “Thundercats”.

Both seemed awfully ripped though, for never actually being seen in the gym. I decided to show Mumm-ra’s pre-bulked up phase and Skeletor’s more-appropriate-for-his-head body and them fighting over the steroids that they must be taking to get such gains with no lifting or protein powder.

Inked in the sketchbook and scanned in to be digitally colored in Photoshop.

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